Our History

By driving leads and working to find solutions for our clients, RSEnCon has grown to become one of the best Engineering and Consultancy agency for EC&I. We are servicing more than 65 clients nationwide and Saudi Arabia.

Our team’s decades of experience in providing solutions is the basis for our future success. We understand your requirement and we fit it in the QAC triangle.

Our Mission

Evolution is part of our mission and culture. It is also the driving engine of our market. That means embracing new technologies and expanding your horizons. Because true innovation can only happen when you have the curiosity to explore new ideas and the courage to discover better solutions.

How Makes Us Different

We are scientists. Everything we do is based on the strongest possible foundation. Our work is defined by measurable objectives and proven techniques, and our team provides the solutions which are accurate to the last non-terminating decimal. And like the finest scientists, we never guess. Particularly when it comes to your requirements.

And like the finest scientists, we never guess. Particularly when it comes to your business.

Our Team

We are proud of our company, not only for its unique identity, but because of the people that drive it! Listed here are the most seasoned members of the RS EnCon team.

Rudra Shankar

MD and Technical Head EC&I

Rudra is a recognized leader in transforming your ideas to functional projects. Make it happen is the motive.

Pawan Ch

Joint MD and Technical Head for Solar

Bill provides invaluable strategic guidance to our clients. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing planning and direct marketing.


Head – Panel & Automation Division

Don leads campaigns that help our clients explore new channels, reach untapped segments and make their marketing efforts more effective.